Outfitting your Toy Hauler New Mexico

Posted on April 5th, 2012

Have you ever heard the expression you can tell a lot about a person by the type of RV they drive?  Well we here at Myers RV Center believe that's true.  Especially for RVers that have toy haulers.  You probably won't find an RVer with a toy hauler going on peaceful nature walks.  Chances are they've got their toy hauler's bunk loaded up with some off-road vehicles.  There are a number of off-road vehicles out there, but the most well-known seem to be ATVs, utility vehicles, and dirt bikes.  If you're looking for an off-road vehicle this information will hopefully help you determine which one is best for your needs.


ATV is short for All-Terrain Vehicle.  This is the off-road vehicle of choice for most individuals primarily because it is the easiest to operate.  The majority of ATV models have four wheels, eliminating the balancing aspect and making it easy for riders of all ages and skill levels to use.  They are great for taking in all the sights that nature has to offer when you decide to go on an RV trip.  Though these vehicles may require the least amount of skill level to operate, it is important to make sure to practice proper safety as with any other piece of heavy machinery.  For the first time ATVer, make sure to go out with an experienced rider.  As with any other vehicle, ATVs have the potential to be dangerous.  There are a number of accidents reported yearly, sometimes even resulting in fatalities.  An ATV is susceptible to rolling over on steep hills or if they are maneuvered in a reckless manner.

Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles differ from ATVs because they primarily offer side-by-side seating.  Unlike the ATV, a utility vehicle is partially enclosed therefore offering rollover protection.  These vehicles also come equipped with seat belts for added safety.  Utility vehicles normally have a cargo bed in the rear making them ideal for any excursions that require you to take along extra gear.  The majority of models come standard four wheels, but six wheels are available.  Of course, make sure to practice proper safety.

Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are very common in the off-road vehicle arena.  Normally reserved for sporting use, they are being used more and more often as methods of transportation when camping.  Dirt bikes are lightweight making them easy to maneuver and very speedy.  Since they can reach high speeds it is incredibly important to wear safety gear when operating them.  Helmet, gloves, goggles, long sleeves & pants, and over-the-ankle boots are all important when it comes to practicing proper safety.

While having fun with your off-road vehicle please remember that safety is the number one concern!  Try to avoid riding by yourself and make sure to purchase the proper safety equipment.  We'd like to wish you safe riding from all of us here at Myers RV Center!

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