RV Leaks Can Put a Damper on your Plans New Mexico

Posted on April 29th, 2013

Before you get on the road this coming summer in your New Mexico RV, it is important to check your RV for leaks.  Leaks can put a serious damper on your plans.  Leaks can originate from your roof, doors, windows, corners, storage doors, and vents.  We will discuss how to properly inspect your RV for leaks before you get on the road.

RV leaks are not too different from other leaks.  They can be very tricky and go unnoticed for quite some time until serious water damage has been done or mold begins to grow.  The paneling, insulation, and wood in your RV create the perfect environment for mold to breed.

The only true way to inspect your RV for leaks is by visually checking for signs of damage.  Here's where you should look, and what you should look for:

  •   Inspect the area around the cracks and seams
  •   Check all vents of the RV (roof, mushroom, plumbing)
  •   Other places you can check are roof racks, TV antennas, roof ladders, and roof/slide wall transition seams.
  •   Don't just look for water.  Cracks are also a good sign that there can be possible water damage.
  •   Every now and then try removing a screw from any of the aforementioned areas and check for corrosion or rust.

You can fix many leaks by yourself.  There are a number of sealers out there that should be adequate to repair your leak and prevent water from entering your RV.  Before you begin to work on the crack or break you're repairing alway make sure that the area is clear of all debris, objects, etc.  We hope you found this information helpful and that you'll be able to apply it if you ever encounter a leak in your RV!

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