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  • Published on Jun 06, 2018
    Different Camping Options

    RVing comes in many shapes and sizes. There is so much variety in the type of experiences that it’s a little like a “choose your own adventure” book when you’re looking at options of places to camp for the night.

    Now that you’ve bought an RV, where do you take it and why? Of course you’ve heard about RV Parks but which ones suit your style of camping? What about things like truck stops to break up long drives?Here’s a brief outline of the most common types of options for camping.

    Work Campers Fox Lake (54)

    • Great place to stay free while putting in some work
    • This can be great for seasonal stays and snowbirds
    • Most use as a supplement income while on a fixed retirement and not a full time paying job
    • An RVer named Heath worked in all 50 states in one year. Check out his blog to read about his work camping experiences



    Parking Lots

    • Walmarts, Lowes, Cracker Barrels, etc
    • Most are one night only and self sustained energy. Be low key and respectful
    • Some have security for safety
    • To say thanks make sure you stock up on supplies
    • These come in handy when traveling long distances and you’re too tired to continue driving. Rest up and hit the road again. It’s not worth the risk of driving tired

    Rest Stops

    • Check to make sure it’s allowedTuesday Tip, Insurance companies say the #1 claim by RVers is accidents at the pump. Usually providing extra room, truck stops are a great way to stay safe at the pump.
    • Some have security for safety
    • Great for resting while traveling long distances

    Truck Stops like Loves and Flying J

    • Great for one night to sleep when tired
    • Fill up on fuel to say thanks
    • Often they have incredible food
    • Some have security and truckers watch out for others
    • You’ll find all kinds of interesting ways truck stops entertain their guests like casinos, movie theaters, etc

    BLM Land BoondockingWhat a great Dry Camping Spot

    • All taxpayers own it so it’s free to stay
    • No hookups
    • Check how long you can stay at that area, typically 14-21 days.
    • Some areas have small fees
    • Often in very scenic and secluded areas

    Yamping (Yard Camping) Princeton RV Trip (2)

    • Fantastic way to visit friends and family
    • Great for a few nights but make sure you’re grateful and help out in some way
    • Check local ordinances to make sure you can be there
    • Most won’t have full hookups so keep in mind

    EventsRVers from all over the country come to Princeton, MN each year in August for summer snowmobile racing

    • Races, Concerts, etc. They have events all over the country for virtually all interest/hobbies
    • Fun groups of friends, family and like minded people
    • Some have hookups but most are going to be Boondocking

    State, County and National Parks

    • Jaw dropping beauty
    • Can be priceyDeath Valley (70)
    • Usually just water and electric hookups
    • Keep in mind popular places in peak season will need advance planning

    RV Parks and Resorts

    • Huge variety in types of experiences in RV Parks. Some are spacious in the middle of a serene location, others will be glorified parking lots in metro areas.
    • Most have full hookups
    • Great amenities
    • Memberships like the Thousand Trails are a no brainer for Full Timers
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