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Gas Class A Motorhomes and Diesel Class A Motorhomes are the biggest and most luxurious motorized recreational vehicles on the market. These RVs are equipped to take on short weekend getaways or long vacations and are also perfect for people wanting to live in their RV full-time. The living area of a Class A Motorhome can be easily accessed from the driver's seat, and passengers can move around freely as needed. Depending on the floorplan chosen, these motorhomes can sleep up to eight people and are available in gas and diesel models. The driver of your Class A will need to be experienced because these RVs are difficult to maneuver and navigate on the open road. Shop our full inventory of Class A Motorhomes for sale from some of the industry's best manufacturers, including Newmar, and Coachmen.


If you are looking for a motorized RV with home-like amenities and features but smaller than a Class A, a Class C Motorhome is the recreational vehicle for you. These motorhomes can sleep up to eight people depending on the floorplan you choose, and your passengers are free to move around, use the restroom, and watch television while you are heading towards your final destination. Class C Motorhomes are a great option for families who are looking for a budget-friendly motorhome.


Class B Motorhomes, or camper vans, are one of the most compact recreational vehicles on the road. Camper vans are an amazing choice for people who want to be able to pack up and go on a spontaneous adventure but have the comforts of home with them. These motorhomes are built on a van chassis, typically driven similarly to your everyday vehicle. Take a look at our complete inventory of Class B Motorhomes for sale in New Mexico from top manufacturers like Coachmen.


Travel Trailers are recreational vehicles designed to be towed by the hitch of your pickup truck or SUV. These RVs offer many of the same amenities and comforts you find at home and can sleep anywhere from four to ten people, perfect for family adventures. A travel trailer can vary in length, usually starting at 13 feet and going up to 36 feet, and can even be found in lightweight models which can be towed by several mid-size vehicles. Travel trailers offer plenty of space for you and your family to stretch out and relax after a long day of adventuring in the outdoors. Check out our complete inventory of travel trailers for sale from some of the industry's top manufacturers, including TAXA Outdoors, Dutchmen, and Forest River.


Fifth Wheel RVs are very similar to travel trailers, but they are manufactured to be towed by an open-bed truck or a flatbed. The overhanging front section of these recreational vehicles provides extra living space, so you have plenty of room to stretch. These RVs are usually the preferred camper of full-time RVers due to their spacious living quarters and affordability compared to a motorhome. Fifth Wheels can be up to 45 feet long and come in a wide variety of floorplans, including bunkhouse models, perfect for larger families. View our full lineup of fifth wheels from manufacturers like Highland Ridge and Prime Time Manufacturing today!

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