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  • Published on Mar 29, 2017

    Do you have a Honeydo list that seems to keep growing?  Although there might not be a quick fix to all upgrades, there are certainly some that you don’t need to make harder than they have to be. Below is a list of RV upgrades that don’t require you to bust out your toolbox.

    • Pantry Lighting

    Pantry Lighting doesn’t require an electrician.  It’s as easy as ordering some stick-on push lights.

    • Increased Closet Space

    You don’t need to demo your pantry to create more closet space.  Rather, all you need is drop down hangers.  They instantly create 6x more closet space.

    Ipow Metal Wonder Magic Clothes Closet Hangers Clothing Organizer-set of 6

    • Flooring

    No one looks forward to a flooring project.  Unless of course updating your flooring was as easy as applying stickers to your existing flooring!  With Peel-And-Stick Vinyl Plank Flooring it can be that easy.

    • Shower Head

    Changing out your shower head is a lot easier than you may think!  All you need to do is screw the old one off and the new one on.  Ta-da, you’re done.

    • Mattress

    You don’t need a whole new mattress just because your old one isn’t comfortable.  Instead, order a memory foam pad to go on top of your mattress and it will make all the world of difference.

    • Backsplash

    Skip messing with a tile cutter and grout and get peel and stick wall tile.  Saves money, mess and time!

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