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  • Published on Sep 11, 2018

    Back+from+camping+with+no+wifi+just+got+back+from_142ff3_5219596Wifi has become a big part of our lives. There’s not only a big movement of people wanting to be connected while camping but also a large amount of people hitting the Road while still Working! Just because you are viewing scenic places doesn’t mean you don’t have to come back from your camping trip and feel like you have been living in a cave wondering what year it is. I saw this infographic recently…
    That doesn’t make any sense. Our lives today are so connected. In fac7c62ed52317eb4910c41b30abf4d6b47t, while I’m writing this I have wifi and am at a much more scenic forest than the one in the info graphic. Most campers, if given the option would choose a scenic area with wifi vs a scenic area without.

    When you hike you hike, when
    you bike you bike, when it’s time to check what’s going on in the world it’s time to be on Wifi.


    Here’s just a few of the most common reasons to Find Wifi on your next Camping Trip:

    • Emergencies: If someone needs to contact you or vice versa.
    • Working Remotely: There are so many people who are DSC_1767c-Mediumworking full or part time on the road. For some full timers this is the ultimate freedom. Even weekend warriors often catch up on emails over the long weekend.
    • It’s 2016: I mean come on!
    • TV Shows: To watch your favorite shows at night through Hulu, Netflix, etc.
    • Research: Most people scope out the best local activities/attractions online.

    Here’s a few ways people find Wifi on the Road:

    • Hotspot: Many smartphones turn into wifi hotspots.
    • Jetpack: These are the most common. They run off the Cell Phone service and are generally very reliable. Verizon has the most coverage across the USA but if you’re going to be doing regional camping than find the best local provider.
    • Wifi at the campground: This is becoming a HOT comodity among campgrounds. The better the wifi the more people flock to that campground. Almost all campgrounds now “advertise” free wif66308616i but most don’t have the speed/capacity to do more than check email at best.
    • Restaurant: This is a win/win. You get tt eat a nice big meal AND get connected to the world wide web. Many restaurants will have very fast wifi which is fantastic for uploads/downloads.
    • Fast Food: Chains like Subway, McDonalds, etc are breaking through with providing fast free internet. Sometimes finding outlets to charge your electronics might be difficult.
    • Coffee Shop: Make sure you call ahead of time to see if the wifi is working and that the connection will be strong enough to fit what you’re doing. Coffee shops offer great people watching and a comfortable environment to get things done online.



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