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  • Published on Aug 24, 2018

    What’s your “Type”? 7029551-beauty-woman-blonde-glasses-fashionAnd don’t say you don’t have one, everyone has a “Type”. You see, you can usually tell a lot about someone based on the “Type” of RVer they have. There are very distinct differences for the type of lifestyle you want to have while on the road.

    Much like when you go shopping for a car you see all the differences between models, we’ll break them down for you in the RV World so that when you are ready to head to our dealership to physically get in an RV to check it out, you’ll know which type is going to be best for you (although we still recommend getting in all of them to see the differences in person).


    Motorhomes: (RVs with engines)

    Class A Who's ready to Go RVing

    These are considered the luxury homes of the road. Although they come in all shapes, sizes and budgets; they come ready to live in luxury in your favorite ares of the country.

    This doesn’t mean they aren’t great for weekend trips but usually people with Class A’s are full time or seasonal campers.

    Class Bclass-b-large

    These are considered “Stealth” campers. They are fantastic for individual and couple adventurers. The great thing about Class B’s is that you can get the conveniences of home in a very small space. That allows you to boldly camp where bigger campers can’t go! Two examples that Class B owners boast about (and rightfully so):

    • Camping in large cities parked on the side of the road where nobody knows your inside
    • Camping in secluded areas that large RVs can’t fit down the road. Often this will be at a scenic lake, river, ocean etc.

    Class CBig Sur is an RVers Dream

    These are sort of a hybrid. They are great for Full Time or seasonal campers, but mostly used for families who are weekend warriors. They have many of the luxuries of a Class A, but still are fairly small and mobile like a Class B.

    Towables: (RVs without engines)

    Truck Camper truck camper

    A truck camper is a mobile living unit that’s attached to the bed or chassis of a pickup truck. They’re great for stealth camping and fitting into small secluded camping areas. While they won’t have the luxury’s of a Class A or a 5th wheel, they will still usually have the basic amenities to eat and sleep.

    Pop-Up pop up

    These are great for space saving camping. Think of it as a large tent that rests on a trailer. When fully expanded you’ll have all the basics of a normal living quarters without all the bells and whistles.

    Travel Trailer Many Katrina Victims still live in RVs. They are an inexpensive way to have all the luxeries of home.

    Travel trailers are fantastic for giving you the comforts of home, yet being small and light enough to be towed by a variety of vehicles (SUV, Minivan, or Truck). Many of these offer entry level luxury packages and can often fit a large family.

    5th WheelRiVino (11)

    The 5th wheel is the Class A of the towables. Typically for full timers or seasonal campers. They are often filled with luxury and need to be pulled by a large pickup truck.

    Whatever camper you decide is best for you and your family, you’ll be assured to love the great outdoors with modern technology. Now GET OUT AND CAMP!


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