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  • Published on Dec 31, 2018

    It can be a challenge if DSC_0156_tonemappedyou're cold weather camping without the proper knowledge and preparation. However if you've got the know-how, cold weather camping can be an incredible adventure.




    Know what to expect

    It's important to know what the upcoming forecast is going to be. You'll want to know what to wear, if it's going to freeze, have cold rain, etc.

    • Phone apps are very sophisticated at giving you all the details you need.We use the weather center app.
    • Another great ideais to have a weather station in your RV. These usually have multiple readings so you can keep an eye on bays, toy haulers, or even inside the RV.


    Creating Heat

    You've got to be able to create heat to stay warm in cold weather camping conditions.

    • If you're going to be boondocking,make sure you have enough propane. It could be a chilly night without it. You also may want to make sure your generator has enough fuel in case you need to run it at night to keep the battery full when heating the RV.
    • If you're going to be plugged in many people opt to using a space heater which is great for heating up a single room that you're in.
    • Electric blankets are an easy way to keep yourself warm at night.
    • Cooking, candles or using electronics can also make a difference in heating small spaces.


    Containing Heat

    What's the point of working to create the heat if it's just going to leave right away. Conserving the heat that you've created is a big part in staying warm on cold nights.

    • Make sure all vents and areas exposed to the elements are closed off.
    • Close the window blinds, drapes and window coverings to help trap the heat in and keep the cold out. On really cold nights we've gone as far as to put blankets up near the windows and around the door.
    • Stuffing the vents with insulation makes a big difference.
    • Dress warmer than you usually would indoors. This will keep your core body temp nice and toasty.
    • Cuddle. This is one of the perks of being in a relationship with cold weather camping.


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