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  • Published on Jan 31, 2019


    When you go out RVing a campfire is essential!  Campfire's provide the perfect space to end the day.  Roast some marshmallows, drink a few ice cold adult beverages, reminisce about the day, and make a few new memories to reminisceabout.  Sometimes starting a fire can make you feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway... I think we've all felt like that after getting a tricky fire started!  But below we'll discuss all the needs to know on the different types of wood to easily start a fire so you have more time to spend with your loved ones. First of all, as this should go without saying, build your fires only in designated fire rings.  We don't want to start a forest fire or anything. Also, only use local wood as to prevent the introduction of invasive insects into the campsite.  Some areas even have local laws against bringing your own wood.



    To get your fire started use Birch logs and branches.  These are perfect because they burn very quickly at a high heat. 



    Oak is great for campfires because of it's high density.  As a result, the fire lasts longer while also giving you a hotter burn. Before burning it though, make sure it seasons for at least one year.



    Burning Maple, like Oak gives your campfire a hotter burn.  It's tougher to split but burns more efficient.  Again, like the Oak, it's best for the Maple to season for at least a year. 



    Personally, I love using Cherry as firewood because of the sweet aroma it gives off when burned.  Unlike the two mentioned above Cherry burns at a medium heat and it also doesn't produce as much smoke.

    Try and Stay Clear of...

    Some logs that aren't great as campfire fodder are:

    • Pine -  burns messy
    • Elm - gives off a bad aroma when burned
    • Chestnut - burns at a low heat



    Don't use wet wood.You may need to take precautions to cover your wood up in case of rain or morning dew. Now that you know the types of wood to add to your campfire, you're ready to go out and make your own fire!  Build some campfires, and most importantly build some memories!  Wilson we be cheering you on!


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