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  • Published on Aug 11, 2018

    Although both Motorhomespull and Travel Trailers are very similar on the inside, the way they drive is very different. Ultimately the decision to drive or pull is going to be based on your personal preference. Hopefully we can give you some insight on what to expect when making your decision.

    The best way to experience how each performs is to do your research and test them out. Go camping with friends who have a model you’re looking for. Rent a specific type of RV that you’re considering to see if it’s what you would expect.Here’s a few of the general pointers for towing vs driving.


    TowingRoad Warrior (22)

    It often perplexes people that trailers are pulled from one little connection of a ball hitch, or the connection of the 5th wheel. After all, isn’t that a lot of weight we’re pulling? We’ve seen a lot more people pushing the tow capacity. DO NOT pull a camper heavier than your tow vehicle is rated to handle. There are weight limits for good reasons.If you stay within your weight limit you’ll be fine.

    Due to the fact that trailers are so light, more affordable, and there are just more of them on the road; there are more accidents with Travel Trailers than 5th wheels. Typically people who are purchasing a 5th wheel will either have some experience or take the time to learn prior to driving it.

    One of the ways to increase the stability of a Travel Trailer is with weight distribution and sway control systems. These can greatly increase your stability and handling on the road.

    One of the advantages of a 5th wheel is increased stability due to the tongue weight over the rear axle of the truck vs at the bumper. Conversely often when people purchase a 5th wheel they upgrade trucks as well to accommodate the new purchase. Some small travel trailers can even be pulled by car. Dually trucks offer a wider wheel base and give a significant boost in your overall stability.

    5th wheels have been known to Travel Trailers are a perfect way to see new placestip over in high straight winds. The tall 5th wheels have more surface area to catch when broadsided with the wind.

    Pros of Towing:

    • Typically you’ll get better fuel economy
    • Vehicle “cockpits” are nicer and more comfortable than lower end Motorhomes
    • You can go in reverse (Motorhomes pulling a car can’t)
    • Engine noise is usually quieter than in a Motorhome
    • It’s quick and easy to unhook and drive your truck somewhere
    • Toy Haulers are more prevelant in Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels

    MotorhomeWho's ready to RV

    Motorhomes come in all shapes and sizes. Class A, B and C. While they all have similarities, often the biggest differences are the size. B’s being the smallest, C’s up next and Class A’s are usually the largest.

    A very general overview is that Class A’s are great for families and full timers. Class Bs are for couples/solo travelers and are great for being mobile. Class Cs are great for families and the weekend campers.

    Pros of a Motorhome Temecula (5)

    • Usually equipped with backup cameras
    • More stable in wet conditions than a trailer
    • Large windshield offers a great view of the landscape
    • You don’t have to get outside to switch between the truck and trailer
    • Long drives can leave trailers very hot when you arrive at your camping destination. With a Motorhome you’ve been cruising at your desired temperature.
    • Grabbing a bite to eat when you travel out of the fridge is easier

    Now that you’ve got a little knowledge on the subject, come on out and see in person which is best for you and your family!

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