Taxa Outdoors RVs for Sale

Taxa Outdoors cares about the footprints that we as humans leave on the planet, not just where we visit but in the places that we create habitat as well. Each trailer is created with sustainable innovation in mind. With Taxa Trailers you don't have to sacrifice quality and durability for sustainability. These Taxa habitats are lightweight and durable, meaning that they require less vehicle power to tow and will last you and your adventure partners years to come. These trailers are even able to fit in a normal sized garage, so you don't need a storage unit to house it elsewhere. If you are looking for a trailer that is great for the environment but is still lightweight, stylish and rugged then the Taxa Outdoors Trailer is for you. 

The Taxa Cricket can sleep two adults and two children. These trailers can be towed by several four-cylinder engines and have integrated plumbing and electrical systems. The Taxa Mantis has a habitat capacity of four or more adults depending if you have the three person RTT. These trailers include a 20-gallon fresh water capacity, a two-burner stove, a separate sink and more. The Taxa Tiger Moth has sleeping room for two adults but can hold more if there
is a rooftop tent. This trailer also features a slide out kitchen and a two burner portable stove.


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