What Lantern to Purchase New Mexico

Posted on May 20th , 2013

As you prepare for the upcoming RV and camping season it is important to not only know what equipment to take along during your trip, but to make sure that you're bring along the right equipment.  One piece of equipment that is important for a camping trip in the wilderness is a lantern.  Flashlights are great when you're hiking or looking for something at night, but lanterns normally produce a much brighter light that encompasses a larger area.  Before you go lantern shopping know that there are a number of different lanterns out there that each produce light differently. Here are some that are among the most popular:

Battery-Powered Lanterns

We highly recommend battery-powered lanterns because they don't pose a fire risk.  Unlike a number of other lanterns it is safe to use these inside your tent.  The only con to this type of lantern is battery life.  That's why it's always important to carry extras on you.

Fuel-Burning Lanterns

If you're looking for a lantern that will produce the most amount of light to help visibility, then a fuel-burning lantern is what you're looking for.  While this may be the brightest lantern, it is also the most expensive in terms of initial cost and upkeep.  These lanterns run on propane, butane, gel or liquid fuel.  They do pose a fire risk and emit a very distinct smell that can become unbearable over time.

Candle-Powered Lanterns

Campers who use this lantern prefer it for many reasons.  One being the lack of noise that it produces compared to other lanterns.  This lantern is a potential fire hazard however, and is not recommended for use inside your tent.

Solar-Powered Lanterns

Since they rely on the sun to charge up, there is no operating cost with these lanterns.  They also don't produce a flame so therefore they do not pose a risk to start a fire.  The big con with this lantern is if it is not charged a decent amount it will not produce much light.

Hybrid Lanterns

If you're looking at making a serious investment then a hybrid lantern is just right for you.  It gets its name because it is capable of running off of more than one source.  For a lantern this high-tech you can expect to spend a hefty chunk of change.

Next time you're out looking for a camping lantern please take these tips into consideration.  Don't forget to stop by your favorite New Mexico RV dealer for all your RV needs!

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